Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lanie's art projects

Lanie is so creative and loves to come up with so many amazing projects.

                                                                3-D Christmas House
                                                                        Ninja Suit

3-D dragon filled with napkins and stapled to look "Real"

Grandma Roberts

My sweet grandma passed away on 3/7/2013 early in the morning. I feel so blessed that the kids and I were able to spend time with her just a few weekends ago. She was a strong amazing women and I am so happy for her to be with her eternal companion.

Uncle Randy is an example of a compassionate and caring son! He read to grandma every night and visited her several times a day. What an amazing example of Christ like love. I wish I had a picture of my mom and her also. Even though my mom lived hours away she would take the time to spend several days with her and take tender care of her mom when she could. We love you and will miss you grandma!

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day, and I treated the kids and Nick to breakfast.  Then later that night we went to our friends for dinner and Madison offered to babysit so we could go to the movie.

Avalanche Game

Our good friends gave our family tickets to the Avalanche NHL game. We had tons of fun and I think we are all fans now! Thank You Biddulph's.....

                                          One of Madison's besties Savannah went with us.


What an awesome time of year! We had the missionaries over for  Christmas Eve dinner and games. We opened our presents Christmas morning and headed over to the Jorgensen's for more food and fun!


 We enjoyed spending time with the all of our family over the Thanksgiving Holiday! Lots of fun,laughs,legos and rough housing. Oh and super yummy food.....

10 Years Old/Pinewood Derby

 Dayton enjoyed his recent birthday and advancement in scouts. We played minute to win it games to see if we could get some of the energy out of those cute boys(It didn't work). The kids also enjoyed their first pinewood derby race. They had the activity girls enter too. They did awesome on their cars and since I had no idea what I was doing I'm glad there were dads there to help me tape weights on right before the race. I will know better for next year. Dayton took third overall!